FAPTurbo Expert Guide

fapexpertguideLike all commercial FOREX robots sold to the general masses, the default settings are set to work well for the lowest common denominator. In order to optimize profits and lower risk you’re going to want to tweak those settings to optimize FAP Turbo. I strongly suggest you to get a copy of FAP Turbo Expert Guide.

Rob Casey is constantly testing and tweaking the scalper settings. The scalper settings presented in the guide are, to the best of our knowledge, the best and most profitable settings available for FAP Turbo. When you trade these settings with a decent broker you will see very good results!

The scalper settings for the various pairs can be found in the guide are

  • EURCHF Settings
  • USDCAD Settings
  • EURGBP Settings
  • GBPCHF Settings

Besides, Rob also provide you a Long Term EURUSD settings. Although FAP Turbo’s long term strategy is inherently more risky than the scalper strategy, due to the large stop loss required, but his settings should be considered low risk as far as the long term strategy goes. His testing also show the long term strategy with the EURUSD to perform better using the 5 MIN time frame instead of the 1 minute default setting.

The following video introduces the FAP Turbo Expert Guide.

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